Who We Are:

We are a group of BYU students that have gathered together to form a club. The BYU Triathlon Club was officially formed in March of 2008. We have expanded to include over 500 people in our club.

This club is for all those BYU students who are interested in competing in triathlons (with no experience or an elite), finding other triathletes to train/work-out with, or learn more about triathlons and how to get started.

We meet every other week to learn from experts about specific disciplines of triathlon. Please look at the calendar to see when these meetings are. We also come together to train together. Once again, refer to the calendar to know when our training groups meet.

We will be forming a triathlon team at the beginning of 2009. These triathletes will train together to represent BYU in local triathlons as well as competitions against other collegiate triathlon teams and the Nationals Collegiate Championships.

Our Mission:

To promote the multisport lifestyle, general physical fitness, triathlon education, and representation of the sport of triathlon within the BYU community. The end goal of the club is to develop recognition of the sport and to form a collegiate triathlon team.

In other words, we want to help all people that want to get involved in triathlons (doing just one or tons of them), provide them with people they can train with, and eventually we want to have a BYU Club team that will represent BYU at triathlons and compete at the Collegiate National Championships.