Congratulations to everyone who raced on Saturday!

2010 Results:

Registration for the now approved True Cougar Tri 2010.
It’s at  Registration costs $30 ahead of time and $35 the day of the race.

Date: October 16, 2010

Time: 9:00am

Location: Between RB and SFH

Cost: Pre registration fee $30.00 Day of registration fee $35.00

Reverse Triathlon: 3k Run, 10k Bike, 200yard swim
Run Map:
Bike Map(Two Loops):

Pre-race registration starts at 7:30am

Transition area opens at 8:00am

To register go to click on pay club dues. Fill out the form and on the drop down menu choose your category:

Mens Mountain Bike,

Mens Road bike,

Womens Mountain Bike,

Womens Road Bike

If you aren’t a student you can register the day of the race. Email so we are prepared for you. Race day/non-student registration is $30.

Let me address some questions regarding last year’s tri vs. this year’s.

Q And A:

Q: Hey, Parker, you SUCKED last year at doing the timing, and I refuse to ever do your race again!
A:  Disgruntled Triathlete, you are absolutely right.  I was in charge of the times last year and I dropped the ball.  We are aware that last year’s timing was a debacle, and our first priority this year is to make sure that your final time is the right time, and you receive the rank you were supposed to receive.  I’m not going to be personally overseeing the times this year–because I want you to rest easy knowing that the same moron who screwed it up last year isn’t in charge of it this year.  It’ll be better, I promise!

Q: What’s the race going to be like?
A:  You are looking at a reverse tri, due to pool availability and police availability.  So a run, bike, swim–3k, 10k, 200yard, respectively.  Maps will be provided later on, as will course details, but it will be a good race, I promise.  This is a fun way to spend a few hours (total, not just racing) on a Saturday morning.

Q: What does the winner get?
A: The famous golden shoe award, introduced last year, will be awarded to this year’s overall male and overall female winners.

Q: I just have a mountain bike–can I still race?
A:  ABSOLUTELY!  Due to the fact that many people only have a mountain bike, as this is probably their first triathlon, we are separating this race into 4 categories:  Men’s Road Bike, Women’s Road Bike, Men’s Mountain Bike, and Women’s Mountain Bike.  As this race is intended for BYU students, we aren’t dividing by age, just bike-type.

Q: I don’t feel like I’ll be ready…what can I do?
A: Come to triathlon club workouts!  They are posted on our website,

Q: No, I REALLY, don’t feel like I can race.  You just don’t get it.  But I still want to be involved.  What can I do?
A: Come volunteer!  In order for this race to really happen, we need a good number of volunteers.  We’ll send out a form closer to race day for volunteer sign-ups.

Q: Alright, Parker, enough with the jib-jab.  What’s the nitty-gritty?
A: October 16, 9 AM START, Transition opens at 8, Run first.  Transition will be along the RB in the parking lot there.  And YES, your $30 fee gets you a t-shirt.  No worries.  We got you covered–literally!